A best-of-the-best collection of resources for teaching and learning about news literacy

News literacy is a subset of media literacy focused on helping international journal people process and understand news media messages, to locate more factual and credible information, and to think critically about what counts as news. News literacy is also about recognizing that quality, credible, independent news and journalism are critical components of any free […]

How to Use Indoor Plants to Boost the Interior Design of a Modern Office

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see indoor plants in offices desain rumah. Most interior design professionals include a few air-purifying plants in the office to refresh the air. After all, the air-conditioning in modern office buildings creates an environment with sealed air, resulting in increased pollutants, often even more than outdoor air. Besides harmful mould […]

Samsung Medical Center achieves EMRAM Stage 6

Samsung Medical Center is the latest hospital in Asia-Pacific to achieve Stage 6 accreditation for the HIMSS Electronic Medical Record Adoption esential oil Model. The EMRAM assesses the adoption and maturity of a health facility’s EMR capabilities. WHY IT MATTERS During the validation, HIMSS commended SMC for its health information system, highlighting its wide use […]