How to Design a Discreet Dating Friendly Site

Creating a good dating site is difficult. Indeed, creating an online business doesn’t take ages, but promoting and scaling it requires skills, budget, and strong nerves. Building a discreet dating site is a Herculean quest. Only the best survive to tell the tale. This article will help you figure out who those sites are for and how to ensure you create a 100% discreet site.

1 What Does a Discreet Site Mean?
1.1 Implement Discreet Payment Methods
1.2 Discreet Location but Still Good Matchmaking
1.3 Option to Hide Profile
1.4 Option to Send Disappearing Messages
1.5 Option to Hide the App Icon
What Does a Discreet Site Mean?
People use the help of online dating for different motivations, and also for various reasons they want their online communication to be hidden from prying eyes. Some women and men looking for a discreet hookup are not ready to declare their “bachelor” status for one type of relationship or another. These can be gay people who have not come out and do not want to open their personal lives, or someone in a relationship or married people who are looking for online chatting.

This is where the discreet site comes into play, which can satisfy exactly those for whom the anonymity of online dating comes first. Looking at people who use discreet dating sites, it’s clear you can’t just pick one group. It may be better for a long-term plan. However, if you’re building the community from scratch, you don’t need to be more specific. Why?

Because to build a thriving platform for dating for married people, you need to promise 2 things and overdeliver them. The first one is to gather people with the same desires and the same area. That sounds simple but look at this example. If you’re building a discreet platform for married people in the UK, you must have a location filter. Users want to connect with other British singles, not with someone in the US. Members of such sites rarely want to keep things online forever. So, you must find a way to connect them with like-minded people nearby without revealing their location.

All of them, every person with a profile on such sites, share the same fear. They don’t want to be discovered. So, your job isn’t just to build a working dating site but to build a mist around your community. That’s what your target audience really wants.

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